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Advice For A Healthy Pregnancy

It's so important to take good care of yourself when pregnant to ensure the safe development of your baby. Yet, there's so much conflicting advice on how to have a healthy pregnancy that it can be difficult to know which source to trust. Here you'll find pregnancy advice from obstetrician Dr Rajeswari Nair on a variety of different topics. 

pregnant woman practisin yoga

Exercising during pregnancy is perfectly safe and healthy. It may also help prepare your body for birth. Find out what type of exercise is best for you when you are pregnant.

woman at airport ready to fly with rolling suitcase

As your pregnancy progresses, it will become more difficult to travel. Find out what you need to consider if you are thinking about taking a flight while you are pregnant.

Healthy food for a healthy pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet when pregnant is important for your baby's development. It also prevents excessive weight gain. Find out what foods to eat and what foods to avoid.

Medicine pills spilling out of brown glass container

Not all medications are safe to take in pregnancy. Make sure you know what you can take for simple pain relief and when you need to consult a doctor for further advice.

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