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Pregnancy Safe Medications

One of the questions which is asked a lot by pregnant women, is regarding medications. ‘What medications are safe during pregnancy?"

Paracetamol in pregnancy

The occasional Panadol or paracetamol for pain relief is okay to have while pregnant. If you need to take pain relief medicine, please take paracetamol over ibuprufen.

Prescription medicines

You should ask your doctor about your prescription medicines before you have them. You should also consult your doctor about any medicines with large dosages to make sure they are safe.

Vaccinations during pregnancy

Vaccinations are also okay to get during your pregnancy. Vaccinations are the dead or weakened versions of the disease. This means they are okay for your body as they help you build immunity. 


The Australian government recommends that every pregnant women receive the influenza vaccine. They also recommend that pregnant women receive the whooping cough vaccination.

If you are pregnant and want more advice about specific medications, get in touch today using the form below.

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