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What To Eat When Pregnant

A good diet during pregnancy is so important! Yet there is so much conflicting advice. I’m sure some of you will have friends and family who tell you “Oh don’t eat that, it’s bad for the baby”. Or, “Try some of this, I’ve heard it helps with making the baby nice and fat”.


Here’s is a summary from obstetrician Dr Raji Nair of what food to eat during pregnancy and what food to avoid.


During your pregnancy, you should have at least 3 servings of protein a day. Food rich in protein includes, salmon, chicken, nuts and lean beef. Protein is made of amino acids which are a huge help in building your body cells, and in your case, your baby’s too!

Salmon Fillet


To help your baby’s bones, you need to get some calcium in your system. Tofu, milk and cheese are foods which you should consume. Try to have at least four servings of calcium a day. Calcium is essential in your third trimester, as the baby’s bones are in its final development stages.


Folate is important in your pregnancy diet as it reduces the risk of neural tube defects in your child. You can find folic acid in liver, dried beans, lentils and eggs.

Iron Rich Foods

Iron is also incredibly important as it helps you to produce more blood. This is obviously beneficial to both you and the baby. You'll find iron in citrus fruits and lean beef.

Vitamins & Supplements

Generally many of you will take supplements during your pregnancy. Please consume these under the advising of your doctor. 


In popular tv shows, every pregnant lady has crazy cravings and crazy hormones. The most common cravings include chocolate, spicy foods and comfort foods like pizza. If you do give into your cravings, try to ensure you are not stuffing yourself too much, especially with junk and processed foods. Everything in moderation.

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

There are some things which you really should avoid when pregnant. It's recommended that you avoid excessive caffeine. Yes I know, you’re sleepy and tired but keep coffee to a minimum, ladies.


This might seem like an obvious one but please avoid raw meat and seafood. This is to limit your exposure to potentially harmful bacteria. So, no raw fish in your sushi for nine months. 

If you are concerned about what to eat while pregnant, get in contact with Dr Rajeswari Nair today.

Bags of dried beans and legumes
Citrus fruit salad orange and grapefrui
Two cups of coffee
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