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Flying When Pregnant

It's not always possible to avoid travelling while pregnant. When it comes to airline travel there are definitely some things to consider. 

Cut off for flying when pregnant

Before you book your tickets, make sure that you contact the airline and find out all the information you need to know.

Did you know that some airlines do not let women over 35 weeks on the plane? Definitely not something you want to find out when you’re checking in at the airport.

Best time to travel when pregnant

Consult your doctor if you are planning to travel. The safest time to travel has been found to be the second trimester. 

wing of aeroplane

Risks of flying when pregnant

If you are travelling on long haul flights the risk of flying pertains to developing deep vein thrombosis. It's important you stay comfortable when seated and stretch your legs when you can.

When on the flight, wear your seatbelt over your upper thighs. Keep your seatbelt on the whole time you are seated. If it is a long flight, take a few walks down the aisle to get the blood running in your legs. To make this easier and less annoying for fellow passengers, try your best to get an aisle seat.

inside a plane

If you are concerned about travelling while pregnant, get in contact to discuss your voyage further.

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