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Exercising After Giving Birth

Contrary to popular belief, exercising after giving birth is not bad for you. In the 3 weeks after birth we recommend only doing easy and light activities. This could include postnatal abdominal muscle bracing and pelvic floor exercises.


Cardio activities such as jogging, walking, and cycling are great to invest your time into. Even just 10 minutes is better than nothing.  To retain the muscle but lose the weight, try resistance training.

Woman Practising Pilates

Make Time For Yourself

It can be really hard as a new mother to find time to exercise. You’re constantly running around the house trying to find the right thing for the baby. Or you're feeding the baby, changing diapers and all sorts of tiring activities. But it is really important that you still take care of yourself!


Try and get out of the house and go for walks, and take the baby with you. A stroll around the park with your baby in the pram means you can take care of your child whilst still getting some fresh air and exercise. 


Unfortunately, as part of your new and rewarding 24 hour job, your body will be quite tired most of the time. What with all the running around to make sure the baby is happy, the nights that never seem to end, and the feeling that you haven’t slept in years. Try and fit some time in your schedule to stretch. For example, when the baby is playing with themselves or sleeping, find yourself a space to stretch your muscles. 

The Benefits of Exercise

Exercise will raise your levels of energy, which as we discussed before is most important for a new mother! Exercise also releases endorphins which lift your mood. All of which helps get through those challenging moments with a newborn. More relaxing activities you can try include, swimming, yoga and light walks. 


A good, nutritious postpartum diet and exercise, will lead you well on your way to losing weight and feeling even more amazing after giving birth to your child. 

Young mothers in a park with their prams
Mother Doing Yoga with Baby
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